Do you have any question about floating? If you have a question that is not answered here, contact us! So we can put your mind at ease.

Floating Guidelines:

Unfortunately you cannot float if:

  • You have open wounds
  • You have infectious diseases
  • You have diarrhea
  • You're menstruating or in the first trimester of pregnancy
  • You are under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol
  • You have recently dyed your hair or applied tanning products

We do not recommend:

  • Shaving on the day of your float session
  • Floating if you have any skin irritation or dermatitis
  • Floating with a full or empty stomach
  • Floating dehydrated
  • Having caffeine or cigarettes prior to your session
  • Floating if you have substancial skin cuts or allergic reaction to salt

FloatFix has all of the essentials covered for you to enjoy your session. We provide towels, earplugs and body wash for you to use. If you would like to float in swimming togs you are more than welcome but it is not a requirement.

No. It is common and safe to fall asleep in the Pod; the density of the water due to the 500kg of Epsom salts will keep you afloat. If you do find yourself falling asleep, you will be woken by music and the filtration system turning on at the end of your session.

Yes – a good reason to book in for a float. The Pod is completely safe, and will temporarily free you of the weight of your baby. Some women report that their baby loves it as much as they do! If you have further concerns, please consult your Doctor and/or midwife before booking a float.

Our Pod has a state of the art filtration system. The water is filtered between each person with the contents of the Pod being turned over at least 2.8 times. When required we can also use a low level of chlorine or hydrogen peroxide to achieve an ultimate hygienic float experience by keeping the water clean and clear.

Yes! While we recommend floating with the door closed and light off, you are free to float however you feel comfortable. If at any time during your session you start to feel uncomfortable you are more then welcome to pop open the top and take a breather. You are in complete control of the float experience!

No, floatation therapy has been around for 60 years. It is based on a scientific approach to deep relaxation and is backed up by hundreds of published research studies.

Because floating is so relaxing, if you arrive to float without eating you may be distracted by stomach grumbles. We recommend eating something small at least 30mins prior to your float. We encourage you to avoid caffeine for at least four hours before floating for the most relaxing experience.

People that have eczema or sensitive skin may experience a stingy sensation which eases shortly after entering the pod. Epsom salts will not dry out your skin or dehydrate you, it can help with eczema .You will leave the float pod feeling soft, smooth and silky. We suggest that you avoid shaving, tanning, waxing on the day of your float or anything else that would increase the sensitivity of your skin.